Call Us: 786-788-SITE (7483)

Call Us: 786-788-SITE (7483)

Venue Consulting

We are YOUR experts in strategic planning, streamlining, enhancing productivity and improving processes as well as maximizing your event & catering sales.

Welcome to Small Conferences, where exceptional finance and operations professional Robert Kraus offers his expertise to venue owners seeking to elevate their event management capabilities. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a track record of delivering tangible results, Robert possesses over 30 years of executive management experience, specializing in strategic planning, process optimization, and enhancing productivity while integrating technology and implementing robust internal controls. As a collective team, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by venue owners in the events industry. By entrusting Small Conferences with your event operations, you can expect a meticulous and results-oriented approach that will significantly improve your bottom line. From comprehensive P&L analysis to identifying opportunities for streamlining and maximizing revenue, we excel at transforming your venue into a thriving hub for exceptional experiences. With our strategic guidance, you can unlock your venue’s full potential, enhance operational efficiency, and exceed client expectations. Partner with Small Conferences and empower your venue to thrive in an ever-evolving events landscape.


Increase Event Sales

We can help you increase your event, group & catering sales

Optimize Your Profitability

Let our experts guide your bottom line to growth

Staff Coaching

Let us show your staff how to make the best of events

Strategic Marketing Plans

Let us drive your business to new heights

Our team can also assist with full-service accounting via our partner (including general bookkeeping, payroll, and local, state & federal tax filings)

Bonus: You Become A Preferred Partner of Small Conferences, LLC!

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